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Blistered Diamonds

Authentic and certified IGI,GIA,HRD

About Us

Il Diamante Gioielli is an high quality made in Italy jewelry brand with decades of experience in the selection of high quality diamonds with international certifications.

With Il Diamante the customer's needs are the most important thing: this guarantees to the investor a stable and secure income over the years, with an ever more constant and rapid increase in the value of diamonds.


A gift suitable for any moment

Authentic and natural

Available in various carats, weights and purities

Sophisticated packaging made in Italy

Certificate of authenticity issued by accredited institutions and entities

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All the diamonds treated by Il Diamante® come from conflict free zones:

NO war zones
NO exploitation of human beings

Not just a gift, but also an excellent investment over time

In the medium to long term, the value of the diamond is always growing, thus makes it an asset that knows no crisis or financial instabilities.

Blistered diamonds are a precious asset to be valued as desired:

  • a memory that over time sees its value increase

  • possibility of wearing it in an original way on a personalized jewel

Direct and personalized assistance

Receive our feedback in a few hours

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Certified quality

We only select diamonds with GIA, IGI, HRD certifications
  • Color scale from G up, therefore particularly white

  • Degree of purity VS1 - VS2 - IF, with minimal or totally without inclusions

  • Carat weight greater than 0.30 carat , with international certification IGI, GIA, HRD which certify the degree of purity

  • Invariable certification with laser engraving in the crown outside the stone

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